What In The Hell Is Going On In My Cover Photo?

A little explanation of this:


This photo was taken in Rome, Italy in 2011 in the Quirinale section of the city. I was studying there and was taking a digital photography class along with Italian language, sketching, and Italian literature, which was for my major, which was literature.

The digital photography was a 100-level class and by that semester, my first in my senior year, I was at 300-level photography. Since the 100-level class was the only digital photo class being offered there in Rome, I said what the hell and signed up for it.

The benefit of taking a lower level class was that my photo professor was really laid back and let me pretty much do my own thing when it came to assignments although it was boring when I had to sit through lessons about photography and cameras when I already knew the information being taught. But as they say in Italy, allora.

This photo was taken during the self-portrait assignment (yes, I said self-portrait and not selfie; the term selfie wasn’t in the mainstream colloquialism at that time). I’ve always struggled with taking photos of people and even more so taking them of myself. I was always looking for creative ways to get around taking photos of myself and one day, during class, as we were walking around Quirinale, I saw the rear-view mirrors of a Vespa, took a look at it, angled my face and then my camera a certain way, and snapped the photograph you see before you.

And there you go.


Nikon D90; digital; November 2011


-Matthew A. Sandusky



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