Hartebeest Skull


ZTE Z895 phone; digital; via Instagram; May 6, 2016

by Matthew A. Sandusky



Can’t sleep.

Been a rough couple of days.

Been a rough week.

Filled with shadows and doubts and rampant thoughts that are keeping me awake as I struggle typing on my phone’s undersized keyboard. The agonies of first world life.

Buddhism teaches about impermanence and what a bitch of a lesson that is yet so utterly valuable. Nothing is real and yet our minds convince us otherwise. If nothing is real then everything we hold close will perish the tighter we grasp it. Then we suffer from the loss of it. Sadness ensues.

Buddhism is pragmatic. So am I. And I am learning the lesson of impermanence.

It’s been a tough week.
It’s been difficult days.

-Matthew A. Sandusky