2015 Cross-Country Road Trip


On a whim, I found myself in Portland, Oregon. One of my oldest friends was moving back east to Philadelphia, PA from Austin, TX. He decided to first go west to Portland to visit friends and spend the 4th of July there. On July 8th, 2015, I received a text message from him saying he wished I was with him because he was leaving for the drive east in two days and his first stop would be Glacier National Park. Long story short, I texted him back, I told him I could get to Portland, he told me to fly out there and help him drive back to the East Coast, and I bought a plane ticket out of Philly (it was cheaper to fly out of there than New York). The next day I woke up early, took a bus to Philly, flew from Philly to Portland with a layover in Phoenix, and the next day we hit the road. Oh yeah, we also had his cat with us.


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