me and the baby

So this is my site and that is my cat and me.

Want a little history?

Well, I’m just another transplant New Yorker going through a battle with borderline personality disorder with major depressive disorder traits. I’ve been battling this most of my life and all of my adult life and there are days and weeks that I am on top of the world and there are others when my disorders rule my brain like a dictatorship. All the while, I am struggling to find permanent, full-time work, studying and pursuing the practice of Buddhism (more on that in another post later down the line), hiking in the Hudson Valley, trying to write creatively, and reading big, thick books.

So yes, this is another goddamn website and blog about someone going through mental illness. How cliche, right? But it’s not going to be all about that because my three dictators are not my entire life. Maybe I’ll write some short stories for this site. Maybe I’ll write some poetry. Maybe I’ll post some photos of mine. Who knows? It just boils down to my need to write and to make myself write and to see where I go from here.



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